Baking Classes Eswatini

Our classes run for just one week and bookings is now open. Deposit is accepted for classes. Due to Covid 19 the number of students we take per week will be small so booking in advance is very important. For safety cash payments will not be allowed please use online or cell phone options.
We provide:
Course one Basic decoration
1. Manual
2. Baking and decoration tools
3. Cakes to work on
4. Simple Decoration
5. Teddy bear and flower making
6. Dripping chocolate designs
7. Fondant baby shoe making
8. Certificate of attendance
Course two Fondant decoration
1. Manual
2. Baking and decoration tool
3. Cakes to work on
4. Fondant and dowels
5. Rose making/ heel shoe making
7. Cupcake covered in fondant
8. Certificate of attendance
  Course 3 Starter Course
1. Manual
2.Making of scones
3. Making of muffins
4. Making of biscuits
5.Making of cupcakes
6. Making of cakes
7. Making butter icing
8.Making royal icing
10. Certificate of attendance
This course runs for two weeks and it is E5000
If you take both course1 and 2 for two weeks it will be the total of E 5000
All courses are E 2500 for the week, classes are held at Thembelihle Mbabane
From 10 am to 3 pm
 After you are done you go with your BAKED GOODS
We are also introducing One day course. Which focus on just one product.

Detailed Cookie Course    E500

Detailed Muffin Course   E500

Detailed Macaroon Course E 1000

Detailed Scones Course   E 500

Detailed Cupcake Course  E500

Covering Cake with Fondant Course E 500

Frosting a cake with butter icing E500

Please note with the fondant and butter icing course you bake yourself two cakes in which you will learn on.