Birthday Cakes

We have a wide range of birthday cakes and decoration.

butter cake

hot milk vanilla cake

hot milk chocolate cake

black velvet cake

red velvet cake

caramel cake

Carrot cake
Lemon cake
Strawberry cake
Blueberry lemon cake
Snow white cake
Chocolate fudge cake



All our shaped cakes are hand-sculpted out of delicious cake and made to your desired design. Weather its a handbag, a car, or bible let artistry take place.

Car      classic-covertible-car-cake aef6970c887a3ca5907985b3ebaade13
Handbag     ZebraHandbagCake                              birthday-cake-pink-gold-white-purse-handbag
Bible                 bible2                index
Heart               8b8b6a8454502e502aeeea29d669ec4fRed and White Anniversary Heart Cake
Flower        flower2          birthday_flower_cake2
Butterfly butterfly_cake__              butterfly-cake
Boat 1c534b2b-f9a0-405f-8df5-66a493afb4fd     titanic-cake-250x250
Ice cream22f4058f00b646b34b76bdd28c87ea27     41a5d68a51ff4e3443afb1313dad3a67
Gift box Pink-White-Polka-Dot-Present-Gift-Box-Cake_5300e6f9baf94_300_400      tiffany-gift-box-cake
Guitar guitar+upload guitar_cake_by_squatsatch

This is a big step in life and what better way than to celebrate it with a cake of wowness.

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