Lets read what happy customers had to say

1. Cake was very nice. Thanks cc u made my kids day

2. I hope u are well, am a son to one lady u once baked for, I really loved your work & so much interested in the art & how u work. I was wondering if u do crash courses or something, am so much interested.

3. Hi Rachel… Your cake was super delicious. You have earned a customer in me. Xolisa

4. Cake was delicious thanks

5. Oh!! Love it Cc, thanx so much, hope it tastes so good too!

6. The cake both looked and tasted lovely

7. Wow! You’re a star….Fana the cake limnandzi kakhulu, wow….my guy can’t get over it. The design is amazing as well.
It tastes like the Woolworths ones.

8.Cake was amazing

9. Cake was amazing , u done it again

10. Thanks darling…cake was great.

11. Thank you for the beautiful cake, Rachel!

12.No uyasibhakela sisi……… makhekhe akho amunandzi

13. Your cakes are lovely baby girl,keep up the good work.

14. Hi Rachel,woo beautiful cake as always!

15. Again thank you so much shem,the cake was very nice. ..I really appreciate

16. Very pretty cake

17. Thanks for the cake. Mom loved it.

18. Cc keep it up your cake are nice

19. Thank you sisi

20. Thank u Rachel

21. It’s beautiful

22. Good morning cc, thank you for the good work. Khosi was very happy. Keep it up

23. thanx for the lovely cakes….they were tooooooo nice

24. Hellos cake was delicious thank u…for hw lng cn i keep t

25. Tnx great cake indid

26. Looks great

27. Hi Rachel,my mama’s orange cake was nice.

28. Thank you Rachel. The birthday girl was very happy!!

29. They are beautiful

30. Yoh fana..its so lovely n so perfect

31. You made my cupcakes beautiful and delicious ❤❤

U are the best cc
Lihle cc kakhulu
And batsi limnandzi

33. Wow, this is lovely

34.My gosh this is lovely

35. Cc batsi likhekhe is very nice selihpelile nje

36. Wuh, this is amazing

37. No your cakes are so nice ngatsi uyalaya……. i cant eat any other cake besides the ones you bake.

38….your cakes are always on point

39. Beautiful cake

40. Rachel the cake is awesome thank you. Thanks again the cake is lovely

41. Wow did u make that turtle cake
So talented

42. Wow nyc cake

43. Iyo! Muhle msebenti wakho, ngiyawutsandza
I really like your work

44. Maye muhle umsebenti wakho

45. Yo cake was nice n lovely Shem…tanx

46. Morning Rachel
You made both my boys birthday cakes and ppl raved about them Thank you so much. Please can i give your number to 3 of my parents from school they looking for cakes?

47. Thank you for the cake…..It looks lovely

48. Tanks my dear. Wil be surpoting u shem cc

49. Thanks for the cakes my girls loved them. They cant wait for school tomorrow.

50. Your cupcakes were delicious. Thank you so much

51. Wow very nice cc thanks

52. This cake is Beautiful, thank you so much.

53. Nice very nice

54. Beautiful cake

55. Wow nyc

56. Thank u very much for the cake, mum loved it and it was delicious

57. What a lovely Elsa cake

58.The cake taste so nice thanks Rachel

59. I know she loves your cakes. She says the paw patrol chocolate cake you made was divine

60. Realy nice cake. I rate it 100%

61. Morning sisi, thank you so much for the cake it was more than I expected, I’m definitely spreading the word about your work you are amazing, I can’t thank you enough

62. Rachel I can’t help it I love your work of art in the cakes
May God bless the work of your hands cc.

63. Morning dear…..tasted the chocolate cake by sis Penny’s house …,I must say I bow down lovely and very nice

64. Ngiyabonga Rachel u made my day…

65. Hi Rachel, am home baker and I admire your beautiful work, am in Vryheid kwaZulu Natal, SA

66. Good day my dear, thanks for the lovely work and beautiful profile pictures! People enjoy your cakes

67. By the way belimnandzi likhekhe lamake

68. Hello there
Thanks so much for the rainbow cake. It was delicious as always

69.Wow the cupcakes whr great
Thnk u cc
December definitely want u do twins cake

70. Limnandi cc likhekhe ,Li fresh

71. Lingasemnandzi girl, Thank u

72. Thanks cc the cake was great

73. And I love the cupcakes cc.

74.Wow thanks a million times my dear
My princess is going to be happy

75. Thank you so much Rachel, its beautiful.

76. its beautiful…thank you

77. Thanks again for the lovely delicious cake and timely delivery

78. It’s very delicious thank you

79. Nice cake.

80. Beautiful cake gal

81. Nyc cake,Solo uyawashaya

82. Thank you. The cake was lovely. Especially the chocolate.

83. Morning Rachel, Bernice here, just wanna thank you for all the cakes you have made so far every person is so happy, so spreading your good work

84. Thank you so much! i love ur design and its very nice..

85. Good evening Rachel how are you..hope you don’t mind the unknown text my aunt referred me to you for the best cakes in town

86. Thnkx so much for the cake sistas.. It was delicious

87. Cake looks amazing, Thank u sooo much

88. Lovely

89. thank you so much…its beautiful

90. Very nice cake

91.sisi we will continue to support u thanks. Yr cakes are delicious

92. Wow you out did yourself, my husband was so surprised but the surprise was in the cake n

93. sisi, thank you so much for the cake is was more than i expected , i just want to cry.

94. Thank you very much…I got it and it’s beautiful

95. Limnandzi li cake cc…thank you very much

96.the cake was very nice I get a customer I will call she want 2cakes

97. Thank you sisi your cake was not only beautiful but it tasted nice too.. thank so much

98. The chocolate cake was very delicious by the way.

99. Thanx sis for the cake.,,it was the best

100. Wuh, pretty

Thanx sis for the cake.,,it was the best

101. Its what we wanted , thank you so much.

102. Thank you and thank you again for the wonderful cake, kids had a blast although it was the biggest cake but everyone enjoyed it.